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Research to unveil the mystery of
human development and complex diseases

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Research highlight


Metabolomic biomarkers and 
childhood executive function

This study suggests that genetically-determined metabolism and, in particular, leucine may be responsible for effects on child cognitive regulation skills, thus dietary interventions may be less efficacious for cognitive development than suggested by previous studies.

Sleep and Alzheimer's disease

We found no evidence that sleep-related characteristics caused Alzheimer's disease. But people with twice the genetic risk of Alzheimer's had a 1% lower risk of insomnia. (Neurology. 2020)

Image by Megan te Boekhorst
cardiac and aortic structure

Cardiac and aortic imaging
from a population-based study

Our study illustrates how population-based cardiac and aortic imaging phenotypes can be used to better define cardiovascular disease risks as well as heart-brain health interactions, highlighting new opportunities for studying disease mechanisms and developing image-based biomarkers. (Nature Medicine. 2020)

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Dr Jian Huang (MPH, PhD)
Research Fellow (SICS, A*STAR)
Postdoctoral Research Associate (Imperial)

Singapore Institute for Clinical Science (SICS)
30 Medical Drive Brenner Centre for Molecular Medicine
Singapore 117609

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